Where we work

On-Site Service

For larger and local clients, we bring our staff and tools right to you. All of your needs are addressed on-site at your location where you're most comfortable.

Remote Service

For emergencies, non-local clients & jobs requiring off-hours assistance, you can grant us the ability to remote control your Macs over the internet. So yeh: that's pretty cool.

Phone Service

Sometimes, you just need to pick up the phone and ask a couple of quick questions. The phone never goes out of style and we're always happy to take your call.

What We DO

Security consults: let us secure your computers, iOS devices and surfing.

Setup, deployment & management of new Macs and iOS devices

Server setup, maintenance & administration

Troubleshooting & fixing Macs or IOS devices

Training on most software applications

UNIX & bash scripting

Training your internal IT staff to streamline processes & procedures

Software packaging/re-packaging

Casper Server set up, installation and administration

Automation of key processes such as software updates, systems checks and notifications


Hourly Rates

Hourly rates will differ depending on various criteria including: the amount of work, the geographical location of the work, remote work, and your status as either an individual or corporation.

For small clients & starving artists, we continue to offer offer a sliding scale to help those in need get some of the help they need. 

Project Rates

If you have a larger project, we offer project fees that save you money, time and paperwork. One fee covers all work for a project's intended scope.  Project fees vary considerably based on the scope of work required. Please contact us with more information about your needs.

Our Industry-Leading Guarantees

  1. If you're not 100% satisfied with our work, we won't charge you.
  2. We don't nickel and dime: we're interested in partnering for the long-term as your trusted, reliable IT experts.
  3. We will speak and write in "normal" English, making even complex technology seem easy to understand.

Ask your current IT consultants if they offer the same guarantees as we do, in writing. If they don't, contact us  for a quote or to ask any question.