Q: Can you really provide remote control help over the internet?

A: Yes. There are several easy-to-use applications that allow us to be able to remote control your Macintosh over the internet, safely.

Q: Can you remote control my computer any time you want to?

A: Absolutely not. The software we use is left in your capable hands. If you wish to grant us access to your Mac, you can flip a switch and only then will we have access to control your Mac. 

Q: Can you work after normal business hours and not disrupt normal work-flow?

A: We can. Our work schedule is arranged, in advance, with you for a time most suitable for us attending to your technical difficulties. 

Q: Are your rates the same for everyone?


Q: Where can we see some of the articles or books that you've written about technology?

A: No. Rates can vary based on many factors: on-site vs. remote work, hourly work  vs. project fees, a two-hour job vs. a two year job. No matter the technical hurdles you face, we'll work to find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

A: My book is available here. Click on each link to view my articles on The InertiaGigaOmTechMalak or tidBits. My articles for MacTech are ONLY available in print, so please subscribe to the magazine!