30 Seconds to a Better YouTube: Guaranteed.

I'll be honest. I dislike commercials. Intensely. And I say that as a former SAG/AFTRA actor who was paid good money to hawk products on radio and TV. Still, how many times can I be interrupted by the endless number of pop-up annotations on YouTube videos before I go insane and slit my wrists? 

(note to self: don't actually try to find out the answer to that question...)

So I conducted a bit of research today and discovered that — lo and behold! — there's a really easy way to prevent these annoying interruptions from infecting my video playback experience. Here's all you need to do:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.

  2. From the upper right side of the screen, click once on your profile pic, then again on the "YouTube settings" link.

  3. Click "Playback"
  4. De-select "Show annotations on videos"
  5. Click "Save"

That's it. You'll never see another pop-up annotation again. However, please remember: this won't stop paid commercials from airing before any YouTube videos: I'll tackle that issue in another post. This fix will most certainly stop any annotations entered by the person who posted the video during playback. That means, you won't need to click on small buttons to dismiss each of those pop-ups and that, in turn, means that you can better enjoy your videos now.

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