Mac Tech Conference - Day 1

So alright. Here we are. Dweebs and geeks together. Forever. Or, at least long enough to get on the bridge of the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise (no, seriously) and snap a photo in the captain's chair. And you know what? I'm grateful. No, not for the picture in the captain's chair. But for this conference.

About five or so years ago, Apple pressed +delete on the IT track of sessions at its famed WWDC conference at the Moscarpone Center in San Fransisco. So that left the nation's Mac SysAdmins and dweebs with no place to go to network, learn, trade tips, and trade secrets on where to drink beer. I'm looking at you, Chris Lasell. 

And the community wept. And crowd sighed. 

The folks at Mac Tech recognized an opportunity, took a chance and - three years ago - Mac Tech's yearly IT conference was born. Since then, it's grown into it's own special gathering and many of the community's best and brightest that I used to see at WWDC are now in attendance here. Even that Asian guy who always wears a safari hat with a fan built into it. And that Andy Ihnatko guy who always wears a cowboy hat. Him too. 

Folks share code, software tools, insights and more. I'll be presenting on -- what else? -- the art of presenting. But that's because The Mac Dweeb thinks that other dweebs CAN be good presenters and just need to know a few solid tips and tricks on how to pull that off. 

That, and some fine home-brew beer from Chris Lasell.