WWDC 2013: The Biggest News that No One's Reporting

As a technologist, writer, surfer and Apple fan, it became obvious as Monday's WWDC keynote shifted into gear that there was a huge story developing right in front of everyone's eyes. Only, to the best of my knowledge, no one — not a single tech writer or enthusiast — caught this story, let alone mentioned it. But here it is:

Craig Federigh, head of the Mac OX and iOS team is a surfer. Boom.

I mean, if anything is clear after watching the big keynote earlier this week, it's that Federighi's a surfer. He's tall, in shape, casual and funny. Of course, he's a surfer. So forget about the new OS's, the new hardware and the new software offerings: Federighi's a surfer and the keynote was riddled with surfing references, pictures, websites, locations and more.

Think I'm joking? I'm totally not, dudes. And I'll prove it 'cuz I'm rad like that. First here's the joke name of the new OS: based on an animal that nearly every surfer has seen around the breaks:

Then the actual name of the OS, based on North America's premiere big wave surf spot:

Then, during demonstrations of iOS 7, we start to see even more. First, a website called aquabumps, devoted to surfing:

Then an even more well regarded surfing website, liquid salt:

Then, demonstrations in the Photos app of ALL the places Federighi's travelled with his shiny new iOS7. Places like, of course, Hawai'i, the surfing Mecca (although, he spelled it wrong, so maybe he's a grom):

And then... Eddy Cue took to the stage. Now I know what you're thinking: Eddy Cue isn't a surfer. And you're right. Because there's no way he's a surfer. I mean, just LOOK at him: this is not a surfer:

But, fuck me, because Eddy's obviously a surfing fan. I know that because the same surf references kept right on coming. As Eddy demonstrates the shiny new Siri, he just happens to showcase the possible requests that Siri can now handle, like, you know, information on surfing:

But, you know what, dude: one surfing request to Siri isn't really enough. So Eddy, surfing fan that he is, asks Siri for even more information about surfing:

And that last request of Siri brings Eddy joy. And why wouldn't it? As a man that was due to appear in a court a mere three days later, Eddy needed something to make him smile. And there it was: big 25-35 waves. 

So there it is.

Federighi is the man who heads up both of the OS teams and was tasked to take to the stage and introduce both new OS's, so he clearly had a say in the flavor, feel and content of the keynote. 

The dude's a surfer, plain and simple. As for Eddy Cue? Well, as a bonus, we got to see just how much of a fan of surfing he is.

And gents: if you're reading this, please come join me in the lineup the next time you find yourself down here in Southern California. We got some waves down here as well, yo.