What Wasn't Said; What Was Clearly Demonstrated

There's one major take away as I watch this morning's Apple WWDC keynote and it has nothing to do with the new hardware announced. It has nothing to do with the new software announced. And it has nothing to do with the statistics that got announced.

It is, in fact, the one thing that no one has announced (and I'm still watching Scott "I'm Dweebier Than You Are" Forstall), but it's this: Apple without Steve Jobs is going to be JUST FINE.

They still know how to deliver hardware, software and integrated solutions. They still know how to compete against their biggest rivals. They still know how to raise the bar on what's possible. They still know how to build excitement and deliver a knock out punch with cool features that people want and want to love.

And, if nothing else, today's keynote was a strong a statement as you can imagine hearing from the mothership in Cupertino: Apple is still working to be at the top of the game and succeeding. And, the company that Steve Jobs built has, without question, inherited his DNA and his formula for surviving, thriving and mesmerizing.

Life after Steve.... I do believe it's going to continue to be a lovely ride.