WWDC 2009

Well, folks: it is nearly 8am and your humble Mac Dweeb has arrived at WWDC, or the World Wide Dweeb Conference for Apple fans. Thousands here already. It's nutty. More dweebs than you can shake a stick at. In fact, I forgot my stick. Left it at the hotel. Damn.

The keynote begins at 10am sofor the moment, we sit and wait. Most of us on the floor of the Moscone Center. Now I know what you're thinking: you paid $1200 for a conference ticket to sit on the floor?!

Lookit: sitting around and waiting is a time-honored tradition for ANY sysadmin or tech wizard, trust me. This yearly pilgrimage to the floor of the Moscone Center is just part of the deal. More later when we're in the main hall. 

And now: coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.