Sssssh: It's a Secret - Buy a Cheap Mac

The Mac Dweeb has no patience for ignorance or laziness: both are easily avoided or remedied with something I like to call "The Internet".

That being said, how many douche bags do you know in middle management that tell you, "I'm sorry, buddy: we can't afford to buy Macs for our end users because they cost much more than PC's." Honestly, I want to lock all of these lazy, ignorant people in a big room and smack each one in the face with a kielbasa.

The myth that Macs are more expensive than PC's is just not true anymore. Hasn't been for a while. And you can read all about that here... or here... or here... or even here.

What is absolutely true is that Apple doesn't make flimsy, cheap computers. They never have. For that reason, you won't find a brand new $299 Mac no matter how hard you look. Apple's cheapest Mac is the Mac Mini which starts at $599. And sure, you can buy a Dell Mini for $299, but it won't have the same computing power, features, or accessories as the cheapest Mac portable.

This is because Apple's never been interested in competing in a "race to the bottom". Instead, they've elected to create higher-quality computers that sell for more money than the cheapo models. However...

Apple does have one very interesting secret which I rarely, if ever, hear anyone talking about. And The Mac Dweeb loves a good secret (like the time when Re-Run secretly bootlegged the Doobie Brothers concert - scroll to min 12:30). So here's the big reveal: surf on over to the Apple Store and pick up a cheap Mac. That's it.

"Wait, a second, Mac Dweeb," you say. "Doesn't the Mac Store only sell the same computers that I see in all of the other computer stores?"

Yes. Only, they also sell refurbished Macs with full one-year warranties as well. Usually for $300 less than the exact same but brand new model. Think I'm kidding? Check THIS out over at The Apple Store. While you can find used Macs for sale in a variety of unregulated places, none of them come with a one-year hardware warranty. And trust me, I've checked.

Thank me later.

Seriously, buy me a latte or something.