A Passion for Technology & The Arts

David Koff is a creative technology expert who began programming his Apple II+ computer in the BASIC language as an eleven-year-old boy. For over 25 years, he's helped clients throughout Southern California and the Pacific Northwest tame their Apple products and corporate networks.

Nike hired David to design and implement its Apple Enterprise services, hardware and software for Nike's Global Retail Operations. He did the same for The J. Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles, helping bring their Apple network into the 21st century. However David also works with small companies and individuals, helping them to solve the very same problems that major corporations face.

David also writes extensively about technology. He’s a regular contributor to Mac Tech Magazine and has been featured as a speaker at their yearly Mac Tech Information Technology Conference. His writings have appeared on such blogs as The Inertia, GigaOm, TechMalak and right here. In 2016, he published his first book, a funny how-to guide on home technology and has sold a screenplay to Fox Family films. 


As a professional actor David's been featured in numerous commercials and on popular TV shows including “The West Wing” and “Sesame Street”. He’s the Artistic Director of the Fake Radio Theatre Troupe in Los Angeles, and both performs and teaches of improvisation at The Brody Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

David is an avid surfer, photographer, and meditator. He’s also a sucker for adopting kittens and isn’t ashamed to admit it. David and his wife Mary have two amazing cats -- Callie & Gracie -- who they rescued the day they were born.


David, on a wave at Ocean Park 26.